יום שבת, 16 באוגוסט 2008


Laundry in natural conditions
A look of the tent from the interior site

The coffee circle: All sits on the sand on matresses,to sit or lay or lean in confort.Not too crowded to leave privacy, but close enouhg for intimacy. Comfort, simplicity and the atmospher of freedom is the "name of the game.
To celebrate Hanuka in the Terrasa means to feel it and understand it
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יום שלישי, 12 באוגוסט 2008

To live in the Nature II

.We cook 2 meals every day: breakfast and dinner.For dinner usually we have hot meal composed of vegetables or fish or sea-greens.We don't eat meat at all but get enough protein from the natural stuff.The cooking is done on fire. For burning materials we use dry woods of dead trees or branches. It is my dayly breakfast as a demonstration how we eat

My home in the winter protected of rain, winds and cold
It is the summer Terace as it views from the shore . The palm tree is to shade the hole spot and also prevent the by-passers to watch usPosted by Picasa

יום ראשון, 20 ביולי 2008


Is it posible to retreat from our unhappy artificial life in crouded cities, polution, unhelthy food and depression and melancholy and go back to Natural life as it all begun ?? My answer is positively and extremely YES !! If animals who are less inteligent and have less hand skills than human beeings -can , why cann't we do better !!
For over 35 years I live a unic extreme life of Nature. It is diferent, unusual, peculiar and may even look nuts in a civilised world. I used to live an ordinary life alike all people: Own a nice big house ( a private villa ) and a lovish fammily with a wonderfull wife and two wonderchildren, and even possesed two fancy cars/
There are several reasons why I decided all of a suden to leave all my life behind and live in Nature: The major reason I guess is that since my birht, I was a "Child of Nature",so the choice was easy. The second reason I think is my severe injury during one of the Israel's war. At this age and after the shock -I realised that nothing in our life is normal, true and worth to live for !
It is the true story of my life in the nature, detached from " civilization" and any type of ordinary common way of living!! It may sound as a fiction or imagination- because it is so different and unusual :But it is real and absolutely normal . I live without walls (building) , without electricity or any electronic device , without running water including toilets, without cooking facilities like gas -stove or any other tools of the modern kitchen, without a car or other vehicle and without any common furniture. I buy very few things from groceries or other stores and create for myself most of the food, living accomodations, transportation-means, comfort and self-protection -I create all this with my bare hands, with own made tools.
At this point of my story -I feel I have to help you understand properly the conditions of my life.: For every little acomodation of the modern life that I gave up in the way I live - I found not only full replacements of the Nature, but also enormous compensations, much beyond any dream.
The purity of such life, the calmness - built-in, the honesty and directness with yourself and the sorrounding people, the true love that wrap around from everywhere and the symplicity of answers to the most complicate questions of life - all this is the base to the happiness .
I have no intention to preach or convince that this is the ultimate solution to our civilisation collapse. I have no interestto change anybody's life . Symply - join my happiness !!
My food : I grow vegetables in the biblical-agricultural-system. I have all kind of wild fruit trees with hundreds of kilos of fruits every year. I pump water off an ancient Roman-well I found and cleaned. I catch fish for my needs and make my bread of seaweeds I dry and grind for my self. I use oil made of the Agave flowers. I make all my cooking and baking on camp-fire in a stove buil in the ground. I don't eat any kind of meat beef or flash.

יום ראשון, 11 במאי 2008


If the cryteria for The Garden of Eden is that when you outstrech your hands -you can reach all the goods and joy you need , then the Land of LA TERASA is it . On high Dunes and low valeys of the crystal sands , spontaniously ,surprisingly - it is all covered with organic fruits tasting Heaven: White and Black big Grapes, White and Black sweet Figs, loaded palm trees with juicy dates, big aromatic Guavas , Jericho-Aples, Lemons and Oranges-all this with no fertilaisers or chemical sprayings, all natural
.work of God's and the Spirits
Every year , more than 200 kg. of grapes , more than 50 kg. of figs and the same for dates- are the gift of this land. Some of it becomes wine and some jams and confitures that are offered to complete the joy of the visitors and friends.The taste of those fruits is very unique because the growth in sand soil and organic care.

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יום רביעי, 7 במאי 2008

,A site of magic and legend, this is the lake of my kingdom. In the center of high yellow dunes ,on the southern front of LA TERASA, hidden and almost bashfull, the visitor is astonished by the incredible beauty and mysterious lake. It is not too large but big enough to ofer intimacy and mistory, neither very deep-but deep enough for swimming and cannooing. The lake is full of surprises: The western bank close to the sea , some days attached to the salty sea water and life of the sea, other days fully detached from the shore playing like a child with it's mother.The Eastern bank of the lake is a very diferent world: sweet water, full of plants ,trees and greenary tipical to water sites and the most significant - sorounded by congested reed forming a sort of Jungle and isolation. The reeds grow high and spread all over, but in between them there are many tinny islands of crystal sand,complitly isolated and camouflaged.It invites you to take off your clothes- and enjoy moments of sunbaths, absolute silence ,only voices of nature arround you. Among the indense bushes of reeds you will meet almost all the day-hours or night time- hundreds of birds from all over the world: Once, we counted more than 125 species of water-birds and cros-passing species, fowls and others. Two well camouflaged springs run fresh cold water into the lake ofering refresment during the warm summer days. An old legend, told by the ancestors ,tells a story about a young princes,her name was Shien, that lived far away in a distant Country , maybe even on a diferent planet. One day, all of a suden, a very strong unexpected wind started to blow, and carried her away and threw her into an unfammiliar site , full of white sands sorrounded with high dunes and a beautifull Lake in the center of all of it. It was almost dark, she was all alone ,hungry and tired. All she wanted is home!!.Sudenly she hears voices, and soon it turned out that they came from Lake. She could only cry bitterly and hope for some miracle to save her. And the pray came true: Out of the Lake , a strange man came out of the blue water. It seemed to her he walkes on the water, steps on last rays of the sunset.He was not tall ,well built muscled body, looking ageless, bronzed-sunburt, dressed green palm rips. He did not say a word , walked toward her direction holding in two strong arms a tray of sea-food, fruits , fresh water and on his second arm a kind of blanket made of soft weeds to sleep on. He left all this still silent on the lake bank. The way he appeared , he also dissapeared into the lake.On the next morning she saw him agein: He was standing among the reeds in a small barge , made of palm tree.They only looked each other into the eyes, wordless, becoming a part of the enchanted silence . She had no fear of him or of the new unfammiliar sorrounding , but she suspected that all this is her imagination and she is supposed to wake up of that dream, and find out that all of it was her wishful thinking. But she became also positive that the spirits on the sea and the water carried her all the way to here for some reason . Again the man remained speachless -but she undertstood that the barge is for her to go somewhere. He was standing in the water holding the barge while she set comfortably into it . He pushed from behind swiming his way along .The barge hovered quietly on the silvery water , making its way amongst beauty and mistory, anchoring near the tiny-islands of clear gentle sands, - all seeming unrealistic , magic . He stoped next to two unbelievable springs and lied down on the sand . The princes jumped into the springs with lot of joy, playing with the clear cold water splits on her body. After a time , he stood up showing he wants to continue . He brought her to a tall palm tree with a sort of door leading to the roots through a well shaded tunel. She followed him inside the tree: there , she couldn't believe her eyes: he built her a Typy, all made of palm rips, inside furnished with a comfortable bed made of weeds and a wood carved table full with a basket of food and goods: fish, fruits, fresh water and fresh sea-weed brad he prepared. That moment she knew that it was meant for her by the spirits to stay for good in that place !!! But when she woke up from the surprse of her new home, she looked arround and realised she is alone. The man she wanted to see now near by - was gone again . From that day she became the Queen of LA TERASA
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יום שבת, 3 במאי 2008

The enchanted Dunes of La Terasa
LA TERASA is the name I call a location along a beatifull isolated beach somewhere on the shores of the Mediteranian sea. It is my primmary home for over 30 years.LA TERASA is the name of several Dunes along the beach.The Dunes are all high above the shore, all made of crystal white fine sand all virgin untouched almost, by people.On the most charming Dune stands MY HOME.The f photos show a brieef overall view of this Heaven of La Terasa :My private Kingdom ! I would like to invite you to join me in a tour around the secrets of YamYam's La TERASA .
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